Car Subscription at Brayleys​

Would you like to drive the car of your choice without the issues that come with ownership? If the answer’s yes, you’ll love Car Subscription at Brayleys. For a fixed monthly fee, you can enjoy our all-inclusive service, which comes with no hidden costs.

Benefits of a Car Subscription Service

There are several advantages to our Car Subscription service – here are some examples…

Comprehensive Service Insurance, Vehicle Excise Duty and servicing are all included as part of the subscription fee.
No need to worry about depreciation There’s no need to go through the hassle of selling your car when you no longer want it. This is because, once the agreement ends, you simply return it to us.
No long-term commitment Car Subscription works differently to car financing (such as Personal Contract Purchase or Hire Purchase) because you’re not locked into a long-term contract. In fact, with Brayleys, you can rent the car of your choice for just one month, if you wish.

Frequently Asked Questions​

If you have any queries, please browse our frequently asked questions below. If you can’t find the answer you require, please don’t hesitate to contact the team at your local Brayleys branch.

What is Brayleys Car Subscription service?


It enables you to rent one of our cars from one to three months, with the possibility of renewal once the agreement ends.

Which documents are required for me to apply for Brayleys Car Subscription?


We will need the following:

● UK/EU driving licence

● Credit or Debit card

Do you require a deposit?


We require the first month’s rental fee (plus any additional services you may need, such as delivery) plus a £500 deposit (which is required 24 hours before you’re due to pick up your vehicle). Once the agreement has ended and you’ve returned the vehicle – and there are no additional charges (such as parking or speeding tickets) – we’ll refund the deposit in full.

What’s the minimum age?


The minimum age is 23, going up to 70 years inclusive. Drivers must also be a UK resident.

Is there a monthly mileage limit?


Yes, 1,000 miles (unless you purchase an extended mileage package at the time of booking) – if exceeded, charges may apply.