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Manufacturer recognised car repairs for Mazda, Honda, Kia, Dacia, Mitsubishi and Renault

If you have an accident, you want it sorted out calmly, professionally and with the reassurance of a safe, effective and cosmetically attractive car repair. Brayleys car body shops can do that for you across all our franchise brands. We have car body shops inGraysMilton KeynesOxfordEnfieldHemel HempsteadHarpenden and St Albans, so we can take care of your car wherever you are locally and make sure you get back on the road, accident reversed, as soon as possible. Just send us an enquiry to find out more about our accident damage repair services and how we can help, should you ever be involved in a crash, however major or minor.

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The advantages of a Brayleys accident repair centre

Having your car repaired at a manufacturer recognised accident damage repair centre brings so many advantages. Chief amongst them is that you can have complete confidence that the repair has been properly carried out in line with the manufacturer’s repair method. Every vehicle manufacturer invests millions of pounds every year in safety research and impact testing programmes, striving to produce safer body structures and systems that will offer you the ultimate in protection in the event of an accident. These features are then put to the test by independent consumer champions like Euro NCAP, and every manufacturer is looking to gain the coveted 5 stars from these stringent NCAP tests.

When you have an accident, these safety features may well have protected you from serious injury or worse, so it’s vital that they are reinstated to the manufacturer’s original specifications. All Brayleys body shops are recognised by the vehicle manufacturers we represent, namely Mitsubishi, Renault, Mazda, Honda, Kia and Dacia. That means we’ve made a significant investment to have all the equipment required to repair the cars we sell, we’ve trained our technicians to be specialists in our brands, and we use manufacturer’s genuine parts for all repairs, so your warranty is maintained.

Most important of all, we always use the manufacturer’s repair methods, so you can have the complete peace of mind that your car has been repaired back to the manufacturer’s original specification, ensuring your safety and your family’s safety, should you ever have the misfortune to be involved in another accident.

Some of the services available at our car body shops

Major accident damage repair: We will carry out a detailed vehicle damage assessment and liaise with your insurance company throughout the repair process. Any distortion will be pulled straight on a scientifically accurate body repair jig, damaged panels will be replaced with new panels straight from the vehicle manufacturer, any damaged mechanical, electrical and trim items will be replaced with genuine OEM parts, corrosion protection will be reinstated, we’ll carefully match your car’s paint colour to produce a superb cosmetic finish, and finally we’ll carry out a full, four-wheel alignment check to ensure everything is perfect. We will also often be able to provide you with a courtesy car whilst yours is with us for repair and, of course, we’ll return your car to you fully valeted.

Minor accident damage repair: Many of our customers don’t want to involve their insurer for a minor bump, especially if the guilty party is unknown. But you’ll still get all the same professional service at a Brayleys body shop. We’ll make sure you have a full quotation before we start work, and we’ll never do any additional work without your prior authorisation. Our fully trained accident repair specialists will work on your car and make sure it looks as good as new before you drive it away.

SMART Repairs

Our technicians are also experts in Small to Medium Area Repair Techniques. SMART repairs allow us to carry out minor repairs to your car without the need to carry out the extensive removal of mechanical, electrical and trim items. We’ll repair panels rather than replace them and we’ll minimise the need for any refinishing. The result is that any annoying bumps, dings and scratches are removed and your car looks great again, whilst it’s also a lot quicker and cheaper than a standard repair.

Your car insurers

When you first contact your car insurance company to inform them of an accident, you’ll almost always find that they will try to steer you towards one of the car repair shops on their list of approved repairers – this will usually comprise a number of body shops that your insurer will have promised a lot of work to in order to get a significant reduction in what they have to pay. However, you don’t have to do what your insurer wants. You have the right to choose your own body shop for your car repair and we suggest that a Brayleys accident repair centre that specialises in repairing your specific make and model of car will give you a far better service and a far superior repair to one that is a jack of all trades.

Brayleys car repairs: experts in our brands

To find out more about getting your car repaired at a Brayleys bodyshop, please call us or send us an accident damage repair enquiry

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