Know Your Active Safety Systems

Stay safe with Brayleys Cars

All the cars we sell at Brayleys Cars are built with safety in mind. Many also benefit from Advanced Driver Assistance Systems, ADAS. We’re going to take a look at two of these systems, Blind Spot Monitor and Lane Assist. We’ll also look at why an undamaged windscreen and specialist repair after an accident is vital for ADAS to work effectively. Any questions about ADAS? Just contact the friendly Brayleys team.

Lane Assist

A lapse in concentration can cause your car to drift into another lane, causing a serious accident. Lane Assist monitors lane markings and gives you audible, haptic or visual warnings if you drift out of your lane.

See the video for more details.

Blind Spot Monitor

Your mirrors don’t always show you the whole picture. The Blind Spot Monitor uses sensors to find vehicles in your blind spots. The system gives you a warning and helps you avoid causing an accident.

See the video for more details.

Only trust professionals with your car’s ADAS

Many Advanced Driver Assistance Systems use cameras or sensors mounted inside the windscreen. Any damage to your windscreen can affect these systems. So, if you have a small chip, a bullseye or a crack in your screen, contact the team at your local Brayleys to take care of it. We’ll make sure it’s in an area of the screen that’s safe to repair.

Some sensors for the ADAS are mounted in the bumpers. Even a minor bump can stop these being effective. Only skilled technicians using specialist equipment should ever reset the sensors. You can rely on the experienced technicians at your local Brayleys to do this right.

Brayleys Cars: Keeping ADAS at its best

For more information about your car’s Advanced Driver Assistance Systems, please call us or send us an email